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Welcome to Granda's Pharmacy

The office of pharmacy of Armando Granda Menéndez, founded on 1.963, is one of the most known pharmacies of Avilés. Its location is exceptional, in center of the village, next to the Park of the Meanas.

The pharmacy office gives medicines (with and without prescription) to its clients, as well as products of parapharmacy, between which are products of hygiene and articles of beauty of known national and international marks.

This Web it is a place to approach us our clients and to offer advice and recommendations to them on the health and the beauty.

We thank for the time to them that dedicates to him to navigate in our Web. We also waited for its contributions so that it better public services.

You also will be able to acquire in our Web products of parapharmacy to advantageous prices. In order to acquire products, he clicks in the Parapharmacy menu.

To save time, he can look for the product that interests to him through Product Finder.